March 9, 2024

What Lottery Game is Tonight in Massachusetts?

By Geraldine

what lottery game is tonight in massachusetts

Massachusetts Lotteries offer an impressive variety of games. Their lottery is active in multi-state games like Powerball and Mega Millions as well as in-state offerings like Mass Cash, Megabucks Doubler, Lucky for Life, and The Numbers Game; offering various prize levels depending on matching winning numbers with prize levels being determined by how many winning numbers were matched successfully; these winnings can even be multiplied up to 10x with Power Play multipliers available online; in addition, their website makes tracking winnings and finding retailers accepting your winning ticket simple!

Lottery proceeds are put towards various state initiatives, such as education, road improvements, elderly programs, parks and recreation projects and parks and recreation projects. Furthermore, lottery proceeds serve a specific mission – funding local governments across Massachusetts since 1971 when its first sales took place and over $92 billion worth of prizes were given away – making for over $131 billion total sales with $92 billion being distributed as unrestricted local aid funding to cities and towns throughout Commonwealth states.

Although Massachusetts Lottery is well-known for its large jackpots and media attention, they offer an intimate selection of draw games compared to what one might expect. There are only eight official draw games which qualify; though these may not offer as big a payout as Powerball or Mega Millions draws, they still may make a substantial impactful difference on your bank account.

This lottery is the only six-digit game in the US to use this method to select winning numbers, with drawings taking place every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday night at 10:59pm statewide except Rhode Island and Vermont. Each play costs $2 per ticket with five matching numbers needing to be drawn in order to claim the jackpot prize; players may upgrade with Power Play option for just an additional $1 more per play if desired.

To win the Massachusetts lottery, players must match at least two out of the three numbers in a winning combination. The front three must match exactly while any remaining two may be chosen at random; odds vary based on how many tickets are sold with more popular combinations awarding more prize tiers.

Simply visit or use the lottery’s official website or mobile app and check winning numbers live as they come in – results will also be updated as more numbers come in; and also check results from past draws!

If you are lucky enough to win, make sure that your prize is claimed within one year. Any prizes of $50,000 or less can be claimed at authorized retailers or the lottery’s regional offices in Braintree, New Bedford, Boston Worcester West Springfield; any prize valued over $600 will be sent directly.